Q&A: Entry degree DSLR aid! Nikon D5100 vs Canon EOS t3i?

Posted by Jony Group on Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nikon D5100 Vs D5100
Hey guys! I’ve been looking at entry level digital SLRs for what looks like forever (truly just a number of months) and I’ve narrowed items down a lot, but I am still not certain what to get. I am among the D5100 and t3i. The D5100 would seem to have better characteristics, but that is just what I’ve gotten from reading critiques on the web. I’d like to hear some various opinions! Also, what about the D3100? I just began seeking into that a single right now. Certainly, I am a bit overwhelmed! I want to shoot the two portraits and landscapes. What do you reccomend? All opinions desired! (: Thank you in advance!

HisWifeTheirMom: The very best guidance I can give you now that you have gotten that far is to go to a shop that carries both and play with them. One will feel appropriate and one particular won’t.

A note on the T3i-it is the identical sensor as the T2i. If you never need to have the articulating display on the T3i the T2i is a financial savings of about $ one hundred.

The D5100 is an great camera. My only disadvantage on it is that it does not have the auto focus motor in the physique. THat implies that you have to buy the AF-s lenses. That can speedily add up in $ to the point that the D7000 would have been the a lot more economical determination. The D7000 is a mighty remarkable camera and I’d go with it above the T3i-and I am a canon shooter!

jonny: Examine out the Cameralabs comparison of these two in YouTube, they have accomplished a indepth comparison. Also checkout dpreviews.com’s ratings and critiques of these two. I genuinely dont know how u got the data on D5100 getting much more features?? u genuinely need to have seem at pro reviewers and not biased ones. The main characteristic that D5100 has more than T3i is that D5100 performs far better at large iso 32000 and up, that’s all rest goes to T3i – much better much more controls like iso button, more quickly menu variety, far better LCD, better grip, much better hd video mode, manual aperture handle and manual mic vol in video mode, wireless flash support, in vid zoom, and so on. Photographers only shoot below iso 16000 coz photos at increased iso is not useable.

All in all D5100 is aimed at novices rather than serious novice like T3i has with a lot more professional like attributes. I nonetheless never know how u got that information on D5100 possessing far more functions. It have to be innovative filters.. D5100 has much more inventive filters!! Which u can do in photoshop tons of it.

I purchased this Nikon D3100 15 days ago, its a great a single to start with. It has easy buttons easy to use and a demo linked to understand swift.
I am estatkc I ultimately have a actual camera and can begin the Nikon encounter. Now I will get some of the very best photos feasible!
-Quicker continuous shooting. If you happen to be typically shooting sports or any quick moving topic, continuous shooting allows you to capture several photos in a single 2nd. The D3100 shoots at 3 frames per second whereas the D5100 shoots at four frames per

In general, this camera is a precision photo capturing gear.

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