Nikon D5100 vs Nikon D90 - Which is far better for beginners?

Posted by Jony Group on Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nikon D5100 Vs D5100
I am a newbie and want to shoot birds and nature so which of these will be much better for a novices. You can also recommend some other camera for novices if you want. My price range is about $ 1250 and also i wont be ready to upgrade quickly no matter which camera i get.

Thanks in advance.

darkroommike: Go with the D90.

Rex W: The Nikon D90 is a great camera. It really is Nikon’s newest and greatest DX format DSLR. I desire it to the old D300, which charges practically twice as considerably. That is the way it goes with digital cameras: new is almost usually greater, even for a lot much less price. The D90 has identical, or slightly better technical image top quality than the D300, the precise identical rear LCD, and adds numerous very beneficial ergonomic characteristics for quicker dealing with compared to the D300. These dealing with enhancements will let you react quicker to disorders, meaning you happen to be much more most likely to get far better images by becoming far better prepared.

deep blue2: The D90 is the much better option – it really is not the ‘newest & best’ of the Nikon models even though – that’s the D7000, nor is it greater than the D300.

But compared to the D5100 you may get a couple of functions that are lacking, like an autofocus motor in the body and Nikon’s CLS wireless flash manage method.

Jeroen Wijnands: The newcomers bit does not matter much. A d90 gives you autofocus with a great deal more lenses. A d5100 is better at large iso which is nice sine you happen to be constantly short of light when shooting birds in the wild.

I’d go for the D5100.

I am also pondering why you happen to be reposting the exact same question. If the 1st didn’t yield what you want to hear then say what you want to hear.

I was extremely pleased when I purchased this camera. I was new to the superior camera, and it was simple to discover. I was so used to 1 of these cool pix camera’s, that this Nikon blew every little thing I ever owned out of the water. Now I am by no indicates a skilled photographer, but I have now photographed (and been payed) 3 weddings, several maternity, and engagement, and tons far more. It is the best camera for starting up out a tiny company!
-More quickly continuous shooting. If you happen to be usually shooting sports or any quickly moving topic, continuous shooting permits you to capture multiple photos in a single 2nd. The D3100 shoots at three frames per second whereas the D5100 shoots at four frames per
I have been pining for a digital SLR for a couple years. A getaway trip to Lake Tahoe and Reno lastly provided the impetus to go from want to buy. Several buddies have Nikon DSLRs and all raved about them, so the choice was fairly effortless.

I really like my new camera. I’ve has it for over a month now and it takes amazing shots. I never had a DSLR just before, only point and shoot, so I did a lot of research prior to I chose this one. The price tag on Amazon is basically unbeatable. It really is really light-weight, and straightforward to use for somebody who had no thought what she was undertaking. Nevertheless some issues I have to get utilized to but I really do love it. It will take really crisp and awesome shots. I’ve used it at a concert in NYC in which I was in the front row and the shots had been outstanding. I’ve also taken shots in central park and everything came out beautiful. I highly reccomend!

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