Q&A: Plastic coating removal after sitting in sun from a professional restaurant stove and grill?

Posted by Jony Group on Thursday, September 6, 2012

I have this beautiful professional stove , oven, grill. Got it for discount with the original packaging. They let the thing sit out in the sun and now the plastic coating is baked on. How can I get it off with out ruining the stainless steel?
I am posting this so if anyone else runs into similar problem they will know how to solve, but thanks for your answers.
We took nail polish remover and a lot of elbow grease but did not scratch it up looks great and a joy to cook on.
Thanks again, hope it can help someone else.
discount grills stainless steel.

Marissa C:omg that stinks!! um i would probably try and scrap it off then wipe it down

sweetpea:It’s possible the store may know.

I would try getting the plastic as cold as possible and carefully peel it off, if the store doesn’t help you.

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