Do discount perfume stores on broadway NY sell "originals" or "fakes"?

Posted by Jony Group on Friday, September 21, 2012

There r many stores on Broadway NYC that sell perfumes for less money. for example, one of those stores is selling 3.4 oz pefrume for 38$ while other stores including department stores and online stores sell the same item for 60$ . Moreover, I used to buy from those discount stores alot, but what is their deal? Can they sell that cheap? same quality product? are their stuff Fraud? And please note that this applies on all perfumes even the new ones. I will always buy from them ofcourse, but i just want to know their secret!!
discount perfume nyc.


clari331:discount is another word for fake!

elchris2005:most stores in the mall are realy high anyways, i bought some CK escape in downtown atlanta for 35.00 and it was 55 at the mall….seems the same, guess they are realy, because if not, that would be illeagle….most of theese perfumes are imported from japan of korea, then sold here…..ORIGINALS made over seas….

Real:It’s not fake, it’s just watered down.

2 bottles of perfume, you pour enough out of each and add water (well, probably not water. Just some watery fragrance chemicals that cost very cheap), and voila, you made 3 bottles of perfume out of 2, which means more profit.

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