Small independent bookstore owners, please give me some advice?

Posted by Jony Group on Monday, August 20, 2012

Any new/used “small” bookstore owners willing to comment?
I just opened a small (5,000) books, new/used bookstore, downtown in Texas. I am located across from our one and only antique mall. We have a population of about 13,000 people with many affiliated with a nearby military installation.

I offer my books at half the original publisher’s price and 25% off the new book sticker price. I am offering a 10% discount to military and teachers and was wondering if I could afford to offer the same discount to city employee’s.

Traffic is slow “downtown” other than the lunch crowd at the antique mall. I need help in bringing in more traffic to the store. I have very nice, like-new books.

I’ve advertised in our local paper twice before opening, announcing the opening, and I’m going to advertise again in one week to announce the grand opening.

Do you think it would be wise to offer a 10% discount to city employee’s as a way of bringing in more traffic and a little free advertising?

Are small used/new bookstores making these days?

Do you sell online, is Amazon or ABE better?

I would appreciate your comments and advice.

amazon discount bookstore affiliate.

Lana T.:if you have some “hard to find” books in your shop, people will make the trek there, believe me. Maybe try to get some cool authors to come in and do book signings if possible.

Offer some things that really make “your” bookstore stand out from the others. There’s got to be something the other may not be offering that people may want. You just have to research the other b-stores around there.

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